Gluten free, dairy free, egg free kolache.
Free of gluten, dairy and egg. This pastry is sure to please.

Oh, how I have longed for gluten free & dairy free kolaches. Having spent part of my childhood years growing up in Lincoln, NE., I created some memories that will last a lifetime. One of my fondest memories is of  the days when my Mom and Grandma would bake Runzas and then make Kolaches. Since going gluten free, there are things that I really miss eating, Kolaches being one. Yesterday I was inspired to go into the kitchen and attempt to convert my family’s long standing wheat filled recipe. I was lucky and hit it out of the park on the first pitch. Here is my gluten free & dairy free kolaches recipe. They can be made egg free and vegan as well. These gluten free and dairy free kolaches are special enough for the holidays or any other special occasion. They are however easy enough to make just because. Make some today! They are guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of those you love.


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