I am sharing this recipe with you for a gluten-free, dairy-free pie dough in honor of March 14th being national PI Day. You can also be use it to make a gluten free pie crust for a single crust pie. Double it for a 2 crust pie. This recipe is also free of eggs, tree nuts and is vegan. Hand pies bring back happy memories of the carefree days of childhood and summer vacations. I must be honest and admit, while making these I also thought of the times as a kid when I ate McDonald’s fruit pies. Today, I made apple hand pies using pre-cooked apple pie filling but feel free to use this dough recipe with any of your favorite fillings. I made homemade apple filling but I am sure canned would work great too. Last week, I found this Namaste Foods For Everyone Gluten Free Organic Perfect Flour Blend at my local Costco and decided to give it a try. I had not used this product previously, so I was curious to see what kind of a gluten-free, dairy-free pie dough or crust it would make. I was not given any products for this review. This flour blend created a crunchy and flaky crust in this recipe.  It made creating these pies quick and easy and for a cook with allergies that is always bonus. Please let me know that you make with this recipe and your thoughts. Happy baking!

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