KonaRed Hawaiian Coffeeberry Organic Green Tea Review

I am writing this KonaRed Hawaiian Coffeeberry Organic Green Tea review while sitting here drinking my morning smoothie. When KonaRed recently asked me if I would like to sample and review one of their products, I agreed. Then they quickly shipped me a case of their Hawaiian Coffeeberry Organic Green Tea. I am really impressed with how fast I received their product. I immediately opened a bottle and tried it. Honestly, it isn’t something I would really enjoy drinking at room temperature straight from the bottle. “Drink Chilled” is actually printed on the label. I must say that when properly chilled they are quite refreshing on a hot day.

Then after feeling creative I decided to add it to my daily smoothie routine. What a great idea! I really like the way it makes my shake taste. It is naturally gluten free and dairy free. KonaRed Hawaiian Coffeeberry Organic Green Tea has only 40 mg. of natural caffeine. I like the subtle boost of energy it gives me in the morning. I don’t feel gittery like I do sometimes after drinking coffee. When creating your own breakfast smoothies feel free to be creative and try different fruit combinations and also other shake flavors to discover what you like best.

The KonaRed Coffeeberries are the fruit around the handpicked coffee beans. Traditionally this fruit was discarded and became waste. Coffeeberries are high in antioxidents and have become an additional source of income for the traditional Hawaiian coffee farmers. It is a win-win for everyone. KonaRed offers multiple products containing this fruit. KonaRed also offers other coffee products as well. If you haven’t tried KonaRed yet, then order some today!

For more information please check out KonaRed’s story on their website.