Pullman, Washington is home to the world’s largest bowl of lentil chili. August 19-20, 2016 will be the 28th annual National Lentil Festival. This 2 day festival includes vendors, a parade, concerts, live cooking demos, the Legendary Lentil Cook-Off with cash prizes and of course the World’s Largest Bowl of Lentil Chili. I am really excited to provide you with this recipe as it is gluten free and dairy free. In fact it is free of most of the top 8 allergens.

The National Lentil Festival was started in 1989 to celebrate the fact that the Pullman / Palouse region is the largest lentil/ legume producing area in the nation. This festival is scheduled to coincide with the return of Washington State University Students to welcome them back to Pullman. Friday evening volunteers dish up the 350 gallons of lentil chili from 5pm until 8pm. If you live in or are visiting the Palouse area you must make the National Lentil Festival a destination August 19-20, 2016. I hope you enjoy this recipe! By the way, it doesn’t make 350 gallons! Visit the National Lentil Festival website www.lentilfest.com and join in the fun!


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